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Jos Address is a directory website for the Jos Plateau region with general Nigeria information.

THE JOS PLATEAU;Jos, the capital of Plateau State is situated approximately on latitude 9.6 degrees North and Latitude 8.5 degrees east. The city lies close to the geographical center of Nigeria. For variety and scenic beauty,the Jos Plateau has no competition. Because of its climate, and fascinating topography. Jos was a magnetic holiday resort most especially for European tourist. Josaddress.com promotes all the beautiful things the wonderful place has to offer to the world.


  • Automotive

    Find car parts, a new car or any thing that have to to with cars here.
  • Business Service

    Find business and financial services based in Jos city and in Plateau State by clicking here
  • Education

    To find addresses of schools and any organization related to Education click here.
  • Food

    The Jos Plateau in Nigerian is known to be the home of assorted vegetables. Find the best vegetables and many other food items in Nigeria here.
  • Health & Medicine

    The city of Jos in Plateau State holds some of the best medical institutions (hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical stores) the can be found in Nigeria. Find there addresses here
  • Hotels, Travel & Transport

    Known as the Home of peace and tourism, Jos in particular and Plateau State in general is the place where you will find a good number of hotels and relaxation sports for what ever budget you have.
  • IT Services

    Information Technology of ICT as it is popularly called in Jos city is a very well known and developed industry in Plateau State. Here you can find what constitute its players.
  • Retail Shopping

    Plateau State is strategically located as a business hub in central Nigeria with a well developed whole sale and retail businesses. click here to connect with Retail Shop owners.
  • Sports & Recreation

    Known to be a sporting nation, Nigeria's sport industry has benefited a lot form what Jos, and Plateau State has to offer in both sport and recreation. Click here to know more.